Site Just Being Constructed!

This Malinda Russell Recipe Testing site is just being created. We started posting on Monday, May 17, 2021. It will take us a couple weeks, at least, to flesh it out.

Malinda Russell wrote her book in 1866. Only one copy survives. She was born free in Tennessee, probably around 1812, but we do not know. Her life story is totally amazing — a strong woman — a real survivor – and a brilliant baker.

We are looking for new people to join the group who is working with Malinda Russell’s 1866 cookbook to work out what her intentions were with her recipes so that they will be useful and inspiring to modern cooks. This does not mean the redactors are changing anything — but it does mean they are filling in gaps in ingredient quantities and procedures. This group of people consists currently of all culinary historians with experience in 19th century desserts, and several of the redactors have experience with 18th century desserts, as well. If you have experience researching and baking old recipes, then please get in touch with us.

We are also now looking for people to test the recipes as the redactors have worked them out. We currently have around fifty recipes to test. For this, we are looking for enthusiastic amateurs and professionals. Cooks and pastry cooks. Once we get this website more fleshed out, we will be reaching out to church groups. Even though we are not completely set up, if you might be interested in testing recipes, and if you are part of a church group with a strong passion for desserts — then please get in touch. Malinda Russell made a living many different ways — but one way was as a baker.